Experienced and Top-Rated National Disability Lawyers

Led by founding partner Frank N. Darras, the top disability lawyer in America, the legal team at DarrasLaw spends every day extending a helping hand to the disabled and disadvantaged. DarrasLaw brings more than 25 years of hard fought litigation experience to  individual disability insurance and long-term disability cases.

If you have recently become disabled and need expert help filing your claim, or you have already been delayed or unreasonably denied by your disability insurer, our lawyers are here to make a difference.

Were you denied disability insurance coverage by a CIGNA Group insurer between 2008 and 2010? You may be entitled to reevaluation of your claim and part of the $77 million set aside by the company to cover claims that were inappropriately handled by the nationwide insurer.

Recovered: More Than $800 Million in Wrongfully Denied Insurance Benefits

DarrasLaw resolves more cases in a year than many disability insurance firms handle in their lifetime. We represent people with disabling conditions of all kinds, with claims of all sizes - from $50-a-month claims to $1 million-a-month claims. We have taken on, and beaten, all major disability insurance companies. Our stellar results speak for themselves, and so do our satisfied clients:

"Thank you is such an understatement for what you and your staff have done for me. You are the true heroes." — Barbara R., one of many satisfied disability clients.

Nationwide Representation in Individual Disability and Long-Term Insurance Matters

Our firm's nationwide presence is important for two reasons. First, no matter where you are, you can turn to us for real help. Second, our national practice allows us to immediately identify insurance company denial strategies and stay in front of them. As insurance companies come up with new ways to wrongfully delay or deny valid claims, no disability firm is as powerfully equipped as DarrasLaw to help. We remain at the cutting edge of disability insurance law, as America's most honored and decorated disability firm.

Free Consultations — Nationally Recognized Individual and Long-Term Disability Lawyers

Call our experienced, top-rated national disability attorneys at 877-670-0128 or send us an email. We offer free consultations on all insurance matters, including free policy analysis and free claim help.